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SPYA Travel Soccer Tryouts 

The revised travel tryout program is available to all registered SPYA soccer participants. There is no additional charge to participate in the tryout but you must have register for the tryout with SPYA (registration forms available at the tryouts).

All players are assessed on their technical and tactical ability through a series of structured sessions and conditioned games over a period of two days.

Younger player will be assessed on a different format than the older players. We will focus on technical sessions and adjust to the age group being assessed. This will be achieved by changing the grid sizes to promote success, simplifying the control aspects of the sessions (no chest and thigh control) and where appropriate increasing or decreasing the amount of active players. Older players will be expected to demonstrate higher levels of control under greater pressure.

These sessions and games are described in graphical detail later in the document along with the criteria used to evaluate the players. SPYA reserves the right to extend the amount of days depending on player participation and weather conditions.

We openly encourage players and coaches to introduce these sessions and games in their existing practice sessions to give their players the best possible preparation and opportunity to succeed during the tryout process.

Each player will be assessed and assigned a score for each of the sessions. The scores will be averaged to determine a rating for the player, which will determine the player’s roster eligibility.

The head coach for each group will be responsible for the tryout with the assistance of a professional evaluator from IG-Soccer academy and at least one certified SPYA coach from a different team. The head coach of the age group team will not evaluate players but is expected to communicate with the evaluators, asking questions and seeking opinions.



SPYA Travel Tryout Format (U9 through U18)


  1. “5-v-2” KEEPAWAY
  2. “3v3” small sided game (using 2 players per side along sidelines)
  3. Scrimmage
  • Teams are split into groups of 8-players. All players will be issued with a colored and numbered pinnie. They will retain this number through the entire tryout.
  • Existing travel players will be split evenly across all of the teams.
  • Teams will rotate through each station (including ‘rest stations’).
  • Players will spend approximately 20-minutes at each station.
  • Evaluators will be assigned to specific stations. Team will rotate to the stations.
  • All participants will take part in each station. Depending on how many players attend the tryout, there may be more than one station of the same type but all players will be expected to complete each type only once.



SPYA Travel Soccer – Tryout Format – Technique & Pressure


“5v2 Keep-away”


15 yards by 15 yard

  Goal of Exercise:  Two defenders (red) try to win the ball from 5 players with possession of the ball (blue). Rotate the defenders every 3-minutes.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Movement into open space
  • Accuracy of pass
  • Timing of pass
  • Strength & disguise of pass



Small-Sided Game (3-v-3, plus 2 neutral players)

Description:  Teams have to pass to one of the target players before scoring through one of the two goals. Wall players along sides can move from side to side along end line to receive the ball.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Angle, distance, & timing of support
  • Vision of the space and players
  • Decision making
  • Verbal communication
  • Change of speed & direction
  • Protection of the ball



Scrimmage with Goals (number of players according to age group)

7v7 U9 - U10, 9V9 U11 - U12, 11V11 U13 and up.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Movement into space
  • Transitioning
  • Communication
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Passing