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Hello parents, guardians, players, coaches, and everyone else interested in learning more about SPYA’s KinderSoccer program, we understand there are several motivating reasons why your children may be playing soccer (see “Why Young Children Play Soccer” below). Whatever your reason, the intention of the KinderSoccer program is to promote a culture dedicated to the development of the children, coaches, and parents to more fully enjoy and participate in the game of soccer. We emphasize fun and fundamentals as well as preparing all of our participants to succeed in whatever level they seek to attain. There are many challenges facing organizations involved in providing a consistent and progressive soccer development program. Our commitment to your children’s development begins with the continued education of our volunteer coaches (yes, YOU the parents), training curriculum, and support from professional trainers. We have worked closely with our training partners such as UK Elite, IG Soccer Academy, and various independent trainers to incorporate our philosophy with their expertise and experience with soccer development programs, not only in KinderSoccer but through all age groups comprising SPYA soccer. We also actively promote and support the educational directives of the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) and openly encourage our coaches to gain further education through this national body. The ‘mechanics’ of the KinderSoccer program consists of two weekly one-hour sessions:

  • A skills training session during the week where the basic skills of soccer ball control is taught. This is done via the use of drills and games.
  • An applied session on the weekend, where the kids apply their newly learned skills in a non-competitive small game situation that reinforces the skills at a little faster pace, yet FUN, ‘game-like’ setting.  There are no referees, no score keeping and no goalies in our 4v4 games.


KinderSoccer Logistics:

Kindersoccer is for children aged 3.5 years old to 6 years old. Teams are coed. The teams are generally arranged so that the players are with other players of a similar age. Our younger Kindersoccer teams will play other young teams and the older teams will play each other (dependent on team availability).


Practices are held at Lone Lane Park:

Weekday practices will usually start at 5:15 PM and run no longer than one hour. Depending on coaches availability we usually have practices on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings.

Each coach will also pick a dedicated weekend day for their team to play. Saturday teams will play at 10:00 AM and Sunday teams will play at 12:00 PM. The small sided games usually start about 2 weeks into the season and will last around 45 minutes after a short team warm-up.


Coaches:  Our volunteer coaches are parents just like you. Please consider volunteering your time to either lead or assist your child’s team.

Registration:  Please advise during registration if there are any day conflicts that must be avoided for your child. It is much easier to accommodate requests prior to the season!

Practice/Game Day Requirements:  Each child is expected to wear shin guards and soccer cleats to each practice. Parents or designated guardians must stay at the field with their child for the duration of the practice/game.

Inclement Weather:  In the event of inclement weather, the practice/game may be canceled. If SPYA closes the fields, the coaches will be notified and will in turn notify their teams. If SPYA does not close the fields, it is up to the discretion of each coach whether they want to play or not.

Codes of Conduct:  All parents and coaches are expected to follow the coaches or parents code of conduct for good sportsmanship. The intent of Kindersoccer is to develop our children in a fun and non-competitive environment.